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November 7, 2019

WORCESTER -  Attorney Paul DePalo has announced his candidacy to represent central Massachusetts on the Governor's Council, which approves or rejects potential judges. DePalo ran in 2018, earning 48% of the vote (146,000 votes) against a four term incumbent. The seat is now vacant. DePalo is a Worcester Planning Board member, father of two, and former public school special education teacher who developed and taught in programming for at-risk teens. A Democrat, DePalo stresses civility. “Choosing judges with the right experience and temperament is a non-partisan task.”


Attorney DePalo’s worked with children caught up in the courts, an important part of his platform. “We need to catch kids before they land in cycles of incarceration,” DePalo said. “It’s disproportionately kids who’ve experienced childhood trauma who are referred to the courts, and once in the system, typical teenage behavior faces ever-escalating consequences. Let’s divert kids into supportive settings and away from lives of crime.”


“On criminal justice, public safety must be our top priority, and that includes long-term crime prevention,” DePalo said. “We need judges and parole board members who understand mental health, including addiction and trauma. We should utilize cost-effective and proven diversion programs, which reduce crime, save lives, and save taxpayer dollars. We risk public safety when we release prisoners worse off than when they entered the system.”


Attorney DePalo holds a B.A. from Wesleyan University, a J.D. from Northeastern University, and an M.Ed. from Fitchburg State University.  He is admitted to practice law in Massachusetts State and Federal Courts and is licensed as a Principal and Special Education teacher. 


Voters can learn more at and

Governor's Council consists of 8 district-based Councilors and the Lieutenant Governor, who serves ex officio.  The Council’s primary job is to approve or reject the Governor’s judicial, parole board, and industrial accident board nominees.  District 7 contains the 65 towns within the 1st Worcester, 2nd Worcester, Worcester-Middlesex, Worcester-Hampden-Hampshire-Middlesex, and Worcester-Norfolk State Senate Districts.


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