End the trauma-to-prison pipeline. 

Get kids on paths of opportunity, not incarceration.

Address mental health and addiction. Proven diversion programs reduce crime and save money and lives.

Attack systemic racism.

Seize this moment to attack systemic racism and finally appoint more Black and Latino judges.


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Judges matter!

Governor's Council is an 8-member body that approves state judges, Parole Board members, and Industrial Accident Board members.  Paul DePalo is an attorney, former Special Education teacher who developed and taught in alternative programing for at-risk teens, father of two daughters, and member of the Worcester Planning Board.

Crime prevention starts in juvenile court: let's end the trauma-to-prison pipeline.

Kids dealing with trauma, abuse, and lack of stability are most likely to be referred to our courts. 


Once there, consequences for typical teenage behavior escalate and escalate, and statistics show that these kids are likely to be in jail as adults. We spend $60k/year to lock someone up, when we could spend far less early in these kids' lives to put them on paths of opportunity, not of incarceration.

Public safety includes tackling mental health and addiction: evidence-based diversion and rehabilitation saves lives, saves money, and reduces recidivism.

Mental health and addiction have been impacting our communities and justice system for decades. Yet, we've been removing mental health experts from the Parole Board- my vote on the Council will reverse that trend.

Justice in a forward-looking Massachusetts: defend women's rights, workers' rights, and LGBTQ rights against the Trump courts. And address racial disparities in our justice system.

With our federal courts being filled with young, idealogical, lifetime appointed judges, I'll insist on Massachusetts judges who will protect women's rights, workers' rights, and civil rights for everyone in our inclusive Commonwealth. 


We also need more women and people of color on the bench, and to address our justice system's racial disparities. Massachusetts can continue to lead the way in expanding individual liberties & equity under the law.

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About Paul

Paul’s an attorney, former special education teacher, father of two daughters, and member of the Worcester Planning Board.

As an educator, Paul taught in a variety of settings, including alternative programming for kids with social and emotional disabilities. He was also a Principal Resident in Boston Public Schools.

As an attorney, Paul has represented international corporations in state and federal courts at a Boston firm, been recognized for his pro bono work in education law, and managed a solo practice. At Northeastern Law, Paul clerked for the Suffolk County District Attorney's Child Abuse and Appellate Units; EMC's General Counsel Office; and for a Federal Majistrate Judge.

Wesleyan University, BA

Northeastern University School of Law, JD

Fitchburg State University, MEd

Paul was the 2018 Democratic nominee for Governor's Council in District 7 (Central MA), earning 48% (146,422 votes) against a 4-term Republican incumbent. He will be on the September 1, 2020 Democratic Primary ballot.


About Governor's Council

Governor's Council consists of 8 Councilors and the Lieutenant Governor, who serves ex officio.  The Council’s work includes approving or rejecting the Governor’s judicial, parole board, and industrial accident board nominees. Each Councilor is elected from a district comprised of 5 state senate districts.


District 7 contains 65 communities in Central Massachusetts. Click here to see the list. Councillors serve 2-year terms.



The Massachusetts Democratic Primary is September 1, 2020.

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